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3 Effective Tactics to employ in your business

Have a Special OfferCreate a special offer that your clients would normally not have access to. Create some sense of urgency around it so your customers know that once the products are gone… they are gone. Your special offer doesn’t have to be for a range of new goods or services. Use what you already have. Put together a few items that are related and group them together. Reduce the price, and your customers will be more than happy at the prospect of getting a great deal. […]

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Should you hire a Business Plan Writer?

So, you’ve conceived your business idea and you’ve been through all the steps leading up to the implementation.  One of those steps might be to write out a business plan. Now the very thought of writing a business plan can be quite daunting and tends to fill most business owners with dread. There is no doubt; it can be a difficult and stressful, as well as very time consuming process.  If you are one of the many that feels this way, you may be better off engaging […]

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