3 Effective Tactics to employ in your business

  1. Have a Special Offer
    Create a special offer that your clients would normally not have access to. Create some sense of urgency around it so your customers know that once the products are gone… they are gone.
  2. Your special offer doesn’t have to be for a range of new goods or services. Use what you already have. Put together a few items that are related and group them together. Reduce the price, and your customers will be more than happy at the prospect of getting a great deal. This creates a win-win situation, as you would have sold three or four items rather than one. Customers will always see the ‘big deal’ in combination offers.
  3. Pay attention to the Small Customer Groups
    Always try to ‘niche down’ where possible. Niche markets are segments within your larger target audience that have similar demographics, buying behaviour and lifestyle characteristics. They are everywhere and are within the customer audience that you serve right now.
    Assess these groups of people, and discover the unique needs and desires they share. This will enable you Through strategic marketing tactics, you will be able to use marketing and advertising to directly appeal to your niche market and customise your advertising campaign to target them. Focusing on a specific niche will enable you to test specific advertising campaigns and refine the strategy based on the desired outcome.
  4. Set Up a Winning Referral Program
    Get to know your customers’ wants and needs, address them, then watch them turn into advocates. If you do your job well, you will not need to ask your customers to refer your service. This is because your service will speak for itself and your clients will do the rest for you. Your ability and willingness to go the extra mile will win your customer’s loyalty and support. Naturally, satisfied customers will normally refer their friends and family to the place that will take good care of them.
    Yes…quality service may be the first step toward referrals, but that could easily be taken one step further, as studies have shown that every satisfied customer tells three people about you. Think about what would happen if a little incentive was thrown into the mix? Incentivise your customers who refer friends with a ‘thank you’ gesture. This could in the form of a discount, a special gift item or a simple thank you card – and watch the referrals spiral!
    You could get even more out of the situation by employing the use of customer surveys. A few quick questions about what the customer does and doesn’t like about your product, followed by a request for the names and addresses of friends and family who would benefit from the product, and you’d be all set to go with the contact information of a prospective customer!

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